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Welcome to MaFamiglia!

This restaurant has come full circle; in 1978, Roy and Mary Ann Mazzola moved from Steamboat Springs to open Mama Mazzola’s in this very building. After two successful years, unfortunately, Roy passed away. Mary Ann ran the business for a short while before Anthony, Roy’s eldest son, operated the business for two more years before joining the military. Since then, the building has seen several restaurants come and go.

The Mazzola family believes that Roy has been waiting for one of his children to reopen this restaurant. Kris, Roy’s second child, and her husband Henry Arcolesse moved from Steamboat Springs to do just that! With the rest of the family’s help, support and the combined effort of reviving the family’s recipes, Ma Famiglia was born. Because of Kris’s desire to follow in her father’s footsteps, and Henry’s experience and drive, the Arcolesse’s will do all that is possible to live up to Roy’s reputation and to bring you the best in food and service.

The Mazzola-Arcolesse family welcomes you.

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